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The most recognized and trusted essential oil brand in the world.
Education and resources to reduce toxic load by using natural aromatic products
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    The best way to become a dōTERRA wholesale customer is to start with an enrollment kit that includes popular essential oils, products, and membership fee. You can also start with just the $35 membership.
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    Click JOIN dōTERRA to be directed to setup your dōTERRA account. Here you will select your enrollment order then enter your account information. Most new members start as wholesale customers and you can also select to become a wellness advocate.
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    Member Only Perks

    After your account is created you will be able to login and manage your membership. Now you will be able to order your dōTERRA products for one year at wholesale prices and choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Program.
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“I knew I wanted the best products for my family and doTERRA was an easy choice. There is piece of mind knowing the products come direct from the source.”
Sandy Owens
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How to Choose doTERRA Wholesale Membership?

When you are ready to become a wholesale member with doTERRA there are a few options to start. Either option you choose there are no monthly commitments or obligations to purchase. You can join as a wholesale customer and enjoy the benefits of reduced pricing and member only bonuses or you can choose to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate which earns income from sharing doTERRA products.

Wholesale Customer

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    25% off retail prices
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    No obligation to purchase or sell products
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    Shipping and loyalty rewards available
Membership Options

Wellness Advocate

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    Share doTERRA products and get paid
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    Personalized website to share doTERRA
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    Business training resources
Membership Options

Save money, earn rewards

How To Buy doTERRA Wholesale Membership?

The best way to purchase dōTERRA essential oil products is through wholesale membership.

The only way to become a wholesale customer with dōTERRA is through a wellness advocate like EssentialOilfy. We are a dōTERRA Certified Website and Essential Oil Specialist which ensures we uphold the dōTERRA brand with the highest integrity.

You can start with just the membership or you can get a package that includes popular essential oils + membership. Get your essential oils direct from dōTERRA by joining today as a wholesale member.
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    25-55% Off Retail Price
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    Loyalty Rewards Program
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    Order Direct from doTERRA
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