Creating Impact with Essential Oils

EssentialOilfy is a company created by doTERRA wellness advocates who have a passion for solving problems using natural products including essential oils. We know how to use essential oil products to help with the most common concerns people have but we also know that our customers needed to be educated.

That is where the slogan “Essential-Oil-fy your life” came from and it is now a widely used verb describing the action of incorporating essential oils into your everyday life. We want to have the most educated customers so you can feel comfortable applying oils to your four year old child or cooking family meals infused with essential oils. Using essential oils to empower your family toward a healthier life is our goal!

Essentialoilfy your life!

There is a natural product revolution occurring and we consider ourselves at the front of this movement with a massive responsibility. Essential oils have been used in wellness practices for over 5000 years but it is not until recently that they have been gaining worldwide acceptance for their versatile use.This is where education is crucial to ensure the proper use of nature’s most powerful substances. We want our customers to understand a few things:

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The best way to purchase dōTERRA essential oil products is through wholesale membership.

The only way to become a wholesale customer with dōTERRA is through a wellness advocate like EssentialOilfy. We are a dōTERRA Certified Website and Essential Oil Specialist which ensures we uphold the dōTERRA brand with the highest integrity.

You can start with just the membership or you can get a package that includes popular essential oils + membership. Get your essential oils direct from dōTERRA by joining today as a wholesale member.
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