Essential Oils in Small Business

How to Sell dōTERRA Retail

If you own a small business that focuses on wellness practices you should add an additional source of revenue with the world leader in essential oils. Whether you operate a yoga studio, chiropractic clinic, acupuncture or any other holistic treatment business doTERRA essential oils are a great addition to your existing business.
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Why Sell doTERRA in Small Business

dōTERRA Essential Oil Products in Retail
Sell doTERRA Essential Oil Products

Small Business Training and Mentorship

Learn from other business owners how to make the most of the world leader in essential oils in your business.
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    Add complimentary products to sell in your business
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    Learn from other wellness professionals
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    Experience more revenue and customer satisfaction
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    Proven marketing templates to bring new customers
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    Online marketing best practices training

The opportunity for growth

What is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate?

doTERRA Wellness Advocates earn income from sharing essential oils and products that help people around the world. doTERRA uses word of mouth advertising through the network of wellness advocates to grow the brand.

As a wellness advocate you are a brand ambassador to the world leader in essential oils that produces over $1.8 Billion in annual sales and has over 8.5 million wholesale members.
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  • How much income can I make as a Wellness Advocate?
  • What are the best ways to grow a doTERRA business?
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Business Minded People Working Together

When you work with like minded individuals it makes the process more enjoyable and rewarding. If you enjoy learning about the business of essential oils and how to create a sustainable source of income for your family, then you are in the right place.
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Being recognized for your work!

Essential Oil Business Income

There are multiple ways to generate revenue with doTERRA's compensation plan.
Weekly Commission

Fast Start is paid weekly on the sales from the orders a new customer places in their first 60 days. This is a great way to jumpstart your business revenue.

Monthly Payout

The majority of your revenue long term will come from the Unilevel commission which is a percentage of your overall sales volume each month. All commissions are paid monthly except Fast Start bonuses.

Impact & Income!
Leadership Profit Share

By qualifying at tops ranks Wellness Advocates have the opportunity to benefit from the global company sales. Shares are earned in the pools each month that the qualifying rank is achieved and maintained.

Recurring Revenue

Re-Think Profit Margin

Most traditional business owners want to know the profit margin if they sell doTERRA in their retail store. While this is a valid question I’m going to encourage you to think beyond the profit margin selling retail.

The power is in the residual income that doTERRA can offer you as a business owner. The most profitable businesses in the world run on a recurring revenue business model so it is easier to forecast income and expenses.

Imagine starting to incorporate doTERRA products in your existing wellness business or retail store then one day seeing your income from doTERRA alone is higher than your entire business revenue.

This can happen when business owners look beyond the initial profit margin and see the bigger picture of monthly recurring revenue.
Small business selling doTERRA oils

doTERRA as a Business Opportunity

doTERRA is growing fast and continues to be the world leader in essential oils. Everyday doTERRA adds new customers with over 8.5 million members. Everyday thousands of new customers and advocates join doTERRA to get the best essential oils at the lowest prices and some look to build a business.
When you join doTERRA as a wellness advocate you will be joining our team. This business is very different that anything you have probably experienced in your work life before which means you need mentors and people to help you. We are a team full of professionals excited to help you build your business with doTERRA.
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    Choose Starter Kit

    The best way to become a dōTERRA wholesale customer is to start with an enrollment kit that includes popular essential oils, products, and membership fee. You can also start with just the $35 membership.
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    Setup dōTERRA Account

    Click JOIN dōTERRA to be directed to setup your dōTERRA account. Here you will select your enrollment order then enter your account information. Most new members start as wholesale customers and you can also select to become a wellness advocate.
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    Member Only Perks

    After your account is created you will be able to login and manage your membership. Now you will be able to order your dōTERRA products for one year at wholesale prices and choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Program.
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