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What is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate? Simply it is the beautiful people you see on this page…

Wellness advocates are moms, dads, teachers, therapists, acupuncturists, and more. Just like you they wanted to create something to support themselves and their family with a business they could be proud of.
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The opportunity for growth

What is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate?

doTERRA Wellness Advocates earn income from sharing essential oils and products that help people around the world. doTERRA uses word of mouth advertising through the network of wellness advocates to grow the brand. As a wellness advocate you are a brand ambassador to the world leader in essential oils that produces over $1.8 Billion in annual sales and has over 8.5 million wholesale members.
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Business Minded People Working Together

When you work with like minded individuals it makes the process more enjoyable and rewarding. If you enjoy learning about the business of essential oils and how to create a sustainable source of income for your family, then you are in the right place.
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Being recognized for your work!
“It was easy to share a product that worked so well for me and my family! If you believe in the product why not join the business side.”
Kerri C.
doTERRA Wellness Advocate
doTERRA Business Partners

A Business For Yourself...Not By Yourself.

Operating a business can be lonely, especially if you work from home primarily. Most people agree that the best part of any job is the people they work with because the job may not be what they love. Having friends at work to talk to about news, sports, or their upcoming vacation is what makes the day fun.

As an advocate with doTERRA you will work a lot by yourself but there are always other advocates who know what you are going through and the friendships you create will last a lifetime.
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How Do Wellness Advocates Get Paid?

Earning income from sharing doTERRA as a wellness advocate includes multiple different ways you can get paid. There is the weekly fast start bonus that is paid each Wednesday based on new enrollments from you and your personally enrolled.

Each month doTERRA pays their wellness advocates on the 15th for commissions earned in the previous month including retail sales, Unilevel, and power of 3. As you grow your doTERRA business and achieve leadership ranks of Silver and above the company pays out a bonus based on a pool of global sales volume.

Unlike other companies...

doTERRA’s compensation plan lets you earn the highest percentage on the lower levels. As you grow or mentor your team leaders and structure efficiently for rank, you will see your team grow wider on your deeper levels. This means the lowest percentages are earned on the smaller groups of people and the highest levels earned on the largest groups.

doTERRA Compensation

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Commission

Weekly Commission

Fast Start is paid weekly on the PV from the orders a new Wellness Advocate places in their first 60 days. You can make your first commission check from doTERRA in the first week you join. When essential oils are part of your wellness lifestyle, it’s easy to share with others.

Monthly Commission

The Unilevel is a sponsor based bonus received monthly along with the Power of 3 and retail bonuses. You can receive Unilevel on up to seven levels of your organization. The majority of your income long term will come from the Unilevel commission which is a percentage of your teams volume.

Leadership Bonus

By qualifying at tops ranks Wellness Advocates have the opportunity to benefit from the global company sales. Shares are earned in the pools each month that the qualifying rank is achieved and maintained. Earn additional shares by helping your personally enrolled Wellness Advocates advance.

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    Choose Starter Kit

    The best way to become a dōTERRA wholesale customer is to start with an enrollment kit that includes popular essential oils, products, and membership fee. You can also start with just the $35 membership.
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    Setup dōTERRA Account

    Click JOIN dōTERRA to be directed to setup your dōTERRA account. Here you will select your enrollment order then enter your account information. Most new members start as wholesale customers and you can also select to become a wellness advocate.
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    Member Only Perks

    After your account is created you will be able to login and manage your membership. Now you will be able to order your dōTERRA products for one year at wholesale prices and choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Program.
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